.22-250 Rem. - Hornady Cases

.22-250 Rem. – Hornady Cases


.223 Rem. – Hornady Cases

.223 Rem. - Hornady Cases

.220 Swift – Hornady Cases


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50 ct. Box

Hornady’s brass cases offers re-loaders excellent uniformity in wall thickness, weight and internal capacity. The cases allow proper seating of the bullet, not only in the case, but in the chamber as well.

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1 review for .220 Swift – Hornady Cases

  1. Harper Lancaster

    Have used hornady brass in numerous calibers. 22-250, 220 swift, 25-06. It’s not Lapua quality, Make no mistake about that. However it’s usually available at reasonable prices and the quality, value for the price is reasonable. I have never had any real issues with it. Like all new brass, it should have the necks sized, chamfered before use. Even Lapua requires that much prep. It seems to handle pressure ok. Case heads are not soft. Primer pockets stay tight with reasonable loads. I have never weight sorted hornady brass but have averaged weights with other brands. It’s usually in the middle. Not the lightest or heaviest per caliber. I prep, load and shoot. Never had to throw any away new. Overall good value. I don’t see much difference between it and Nosler brass which costs much more. If money was no object I would always buy Lapua. But for most shooting, most rifles I doubt it pays to buy Lapua. I have shot dozens of .5 – .75 Moa 5 shot groups with Hornady brass out of the box. Perfectly satisfactory for my requirements. It takes more than just buying expensive brass to get much better groups out of field, varmint rifles. And most big game rifles would never be able to attain the accuracy more perfect brass might allow for. I will keep using hornady brass when it’s available at reasonable prices, which many times it is.

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